Cruise Groups

Cruise Groups

The more, the merrier – especially on a cruise! Whether it’s for a wedding, a reunion, a corporate meeting or incentive trip, a birthday milestone, or simply getting together with friends and family, there are many reasons why groups choose a cruise vacation.

Here are just a few:

  • Enjoy perks like group discounts, onboard amenities, tour conductor credits and more!
  • Customize it. Most cruise lines will arrange private shore excursions for your groups, along with cocktail hours or other events, just for your group.
  • So much is included. Fine dining, live music and shows, kids programs, fitness centre, nightlife – it’s covered and close by (all on your ship!).
  • No payment headaches. Each person can pay individually, or as a group.
  • For most cruise lines, all it takes is 8 staterooms to qualify as a group and reap all the benefits and fun!

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