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When you’re a mom planning a vacation, it’s equal parts exciting and overwhelming. There are multiple people to think about and a prepared mom is one who can hopefully enjoy her trip a bit more. With experience comes knowledge and having travelled multiple times with seven kids under seven, we can say we’ve learned a lot! With that in mind, we wanted to share some great tricks and tips for your next beach vacation.

1. Have The Right Bag

The right bag, filled with the right stuff, can literally save you on a trip. We like to take the largest-sized tote the airline allows for carry on, and generally stick with vinyl or oilcloth bags because they’re easy to wipe clean. Your travel bag can also double as the perfect beach or pool bag. Additionally, we always pack a small clutch in our suitcase for date night, and to keep little things from getting lost in your big bag, use pill containers or old sunglass cases.

2. Don’t Forget The Wipes

Baby wipes are great for wiping sticky hands, removing makeup, and if you keep them in the fridge, they are refreshing on a hot day or on sunburned skin. Antibacterial wipes are also great for wiping down the tray and armrests on the airplane but also work in a pinch if someone gets cut at the beach.

3. Bring Your Own Beach Towels

These serve as pillows and blankets on the plane and if you arrive at the resort before your room is ready, you can head straight to the pool. Most guests use the white towels supplied by the resort, which makes your lounge chairs very easy to spot thanks to your colourful towels. Use the resort towels to dry off.

4. Baby Powder For The Win

In case you haven’t heard, baby powder works incredibly well at removing sand. It’s also nice if you’re feeling a little sticky and trying to slip into a dress or if the kids are having a hard time getting their sandals on… just rub a little on their heels. We generally stick with a cornstarch-based powder.

5. Hide Those Valuables

If you want to keep your designer sunglasses and cash nearby but out of sight, try storing them in an empty sunscreen container. Better yet, wrap them in a diaper – no one will want to touch that! Just be sure not to throw it away! An empty chapstick tube also works well for a few rolled up bills.

6. Fix Your Broken Bikini Top!

It’s happened before – the hook on the back of the top breaks and now what? Simply thread a key ring through the loops to hold it together.

7. Your Flip Flops Have Snapped

This one seems to happen all the time! Pack of couple of those square plastic clips that are found at the ends of loaves of bread and if the thong part on your flip flog breaks, just place that clip on the sole of the shoe for a temporary solution.

8. Sandy Baby Bed

When baby needs to nap, dig a hole in the sand and fill it with towels. Heck, it makes a great napping spot for anyone!

9. Bag That Technology

You can find waterproof cases for all your gadgets, but for a quick cheap fix, use a sandwich bag! You’ll still be able to use the phone or tablet while also protecting them from sandy scratches and water.

10. Blow That Water Out

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than swimmer’s ear – we know from experience! Pack a few balloons and have the kids blow the balloons up to clear water from their ears. Alcohol drops are also good to have on hand as an extra preventative measure.


We know everything that goes into planning for a family vacation – there is so much to think about! Hopefully these hacks will help take some of the stress out of preparing your next beach vacation.

From our families to yours… Happy Travels!

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