Why Now Is A Great Time For A Family Vacation

family by swimming pool

Winter is finally making way for spring (although you’d never know it in certain parts of the country), and with that comes the opportunity to take that family vacation to the Caribbean or Mexico that you’ve been dreaming about!

Now that the March Break crowds have cleared out, not only are these sunny destinations less packed with people, but they will also cost you less to visit… oh and the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be hot and sunny, just the way we like it!

So with that in mind, we’ve put together a little list to explain why now is a great time for a family vacation… check it out!

The Price Is Right

Piggy bank by pool

We are now entering the ‘off-season’ for travel to the Caribbean and Mexico, and because of the lower number of people that typically visit during this period, there are more air seats and hotel rooms available and as such, you can find a pretty great vacation for you and yours at a pretty great price.

So if you didn’t take your family away for March Break, now is a great time to get a little quality time with the kids, while you also get a little R&R on some gorgeous beach.

It’s Hot & Sunny

sunscreen child

Unlike the unpredictable weather we get up here every spring, in the Caribbean and Mexico you can pretty much count on blue skies, blazing sun, and daily highs in the upper 20s and 30s.

Just imagine a few carefree days in bathing suits and sandals! What’s more, fingers-crossed, by the time you’re back home, the weather will have turned fully to warmer spring temperatures – talk about a great goodbye to winter and hello to summer!

Lounge Chairs For Everyone!

lounge chair family

Less people at your resort means no getting up at 6am to secure those coveted lounge chairs by the pool or on the beach… there is space for everyone to enjoy!

You’re also more likely to get all the dinner reservations you want, at times that work best for your family, and when it comes to activities, chances are you won’t have to wait long (if at all) to take the kayaks or catamarans out.

Upgrade It


Lower prices in the off-season also mean you could upgrade your entire experience while also remaining happily well within your budget! Whether it’s opting for an oceanfront room or even going to a more upscale resort, the opportunity is there and within reach when you travel now.

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