Travelling As A Group

Travelling group at beach

Travelling as a group can qualify you for all sorts of added discounts and value, and sometimes – like in the case of a destination wedding – it is obvious from the start that you are part of a much larger group booking and thereby entitled to the many benefits that go with it.

But we still do get questions about who qualifies for what, and sometimes only find out after that fact that a client we booked was indeed travelling with other people who had also booked their travel separately. So in an effort to clear up any confusion regarding group travel, we’ve put together a list of some of the different types of groups out there.

destination wedding

As mentioned, this is a pretty obvious one. You and a bunch of other guests have all been invited down to some gorgeous destination to celebrate the wedding of good friends or a family member. Chances are the wedding couple are working with a travel agent to coordinate all the little details, and will direct you how to book and who to contact.

getaway with friends

Group travel benefits are not restricted to big organized affairs like a destination weddings however, groups of friends travelling together also qualify. Whether you are celebrating a big birthday or other milestone life event (bachelor & bachelorette trips are very popular) or simply getting away to relax and have fun, if you have the numbers, you can reap the rewards.

Travelling With Other Families

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Lots of families want to travel over Christmas/New Year’s, March Break and summer holidays, so if you and yours are looking to get away, why not see if there are some other families who’d like to do the exact same thing? If you are all interested in travelling to the same destination and resort, and you all book with the same agent, you can all qualify for group perks.

Family Reunions

A Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion? Do it as a group! You can have people travelling in from all over the world, so long as you are all going to the same resort at the same time, you qualify for group benefits. Rather than everyone booking their own travel arrangements separately, appoint a group leader and work with one agent to organize all the details.

Special Interest Groups

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Whether it’s a religious pilgrimage, a battlefield tour, a birding adventure, food & wine or photography themed vacation, if there are at least 10* of you wanting to travel, you are a group!

*number of people needed to qualify as a group can vary by company; please check with your itravel2000 Travel Expert for details.

The Benefits Of Group Travel

Group On Beach

In a nutshell, here are just a few of the added value extra or special discounts your group could be entitled to:

  • Great rates and reduced deposits
  • Private transfers
  • Free seat selection so you and your group will all be seated on the plane together
  • Group leader benefits such as a future travel voucher
  • Wedding couples can get free upgrades on the flight and at their hotel

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