March Break Tips & Tricks

March Break family having fun near pool

March Break is just around the corner and you’ve decided you’d like to take a trip with the family… but is it too late to book something decent without breaking the bank? Not at all! It just takes a little creativity and flexibility!

We still have packages available to all of the popular hotspots, but inventory is quite limited, so if you want to get away definitely book today! Below are a few tips and tricks we’ve put together to help you get away on a great family vacation this March Break:

Travel During The Week


If you are looking to go to any of the popular March Break hotspots such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba or Jamaica, know that there will be thousands of other people just like you, travelling at the exact same time. Most people like to depart on the weekend, however if you are able to leave mid-week, either before or after the weekend rush, you will find that there is more availability in terms of flights and hotels.

Take The Red-Eye

Red Eye Flight

Similarly, as there are preferred travel days, there are also preferred travel times, with most people opting for a morning departure (if available). If you are looking to beat the crowds and save, if there’s a ‘red-eye’ option for your flight, not only are you likely to find seats but you’ll likely save money too. While the red-eye isn’t ideal, if you are travelling with small children who tend to fall asleep after take-off, it is definitely do-able.

U.S. Border Cities


If you live relatively close to the border, there is always the option of flying out of a U.S. border city airport such as Buffalo (NY), Burlington (VT), Bellingham (WA) and Bangor (ME), particularly if your final destination is within the United States (i.e. Florida or California). There are lower airline taxes in the U.S., along with more airlines overall, including more discount airlines, and with that more competition, all of which translates into more savings that are passed on to you, the consumer.

Travel Off The Beaten Path


If you don’t have the flexibility in terms of travel days, you can always opt to go to a destination that is a little more off the beaten path from the various March Break favourites. Some places that pop to mind are Honduras, Nevis, Tobago, Barbuda, Bonaire, Grenada, Little Cayman and Eleuthera in the Bahamas. These places are much smaller and not as easy to get to (you’ll likely have to take a connecting flight) but the rewards are plenty!

Take It Outside


Of a major city, that is. If you are spending part or all of your March Break in a destination like Orlando, New York City, Chicago, or even closer to home, in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, hotel costs add up and fast! A great alternative is to stay somewhere just outside the city – for example staying in Kissimmee instead of in Orlando proper – and taking a train or shuttle into town for each day’s activities. You’ll save on your hotel stay and can use that money towards fun at Disney (using the Orlando example).

Stay Local


Beach vacations are great, but they’re not for everybody, and hey, Canada is a pretty amazing destination in and of itself – so why not consider the local option for a little March Break fun? Head out west and go skiing in the Rockies, or explore Vancouver or Banff. Visit the East Coast and discover everything our Maritime Provinces have to offer. Or visit Toronto or Montreal and enjoy the many family-friendly activities and attractions there, along with great restaurants, shopping, theatre and more.

Road Trip!


If you are staying local (Canada/U.S.), you can’t beat driving for cutting vacation costs if you’re travelling with the whole family. Stay in inexpensive hotels along the way and stock the car with audio books and CDs you picked up from the library for free.

Remember we can help you plan any type of vacation you’re craving – be it a package vacation down south, something off-the-beaten-path, we can even assist with car rentals and hotel bookings.

Or give our Travel Experts a call today to find out more.

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