Top 10 Reasons to Book Winter Vacation Early


It’s still summer, and while winter may be the furthest thing from your mind, here at itravel2000 it is our job to think about these things and to make sure you’re prepared. To that end, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons to book your winter vacation early.

1. Lock In Your Price

Book today and avoid any price increases that may come into play due to additional tour operator surcharges or heightened demand.

2. Great Prices! Great Prices! Great Prices!

There’s no denying it: Tour Operators want you to book your vacation package today and are trying their hardest to incentivize you to do just that with some *fabulous* prices on winter getaways. Check out our December and January deals– some packages are going for as much as $400 or more off the regular price per person!

On top of the deep discounts, when you book early, you don’t have to pay for everything right away. Tour operators accept deposits, and right now many are offering reduced deposits. For as low as $50 per person upfront, that winter vacation can be yours. Check out some of the great deposit offers here.

3. No Need To Worry About The Price Going Down Later

Never fear that you will book a vacation only to see the price of the package you just booked go down. Many tour operators offer a Price Drop Guarantee, which means that you can book your winter vacation early with confidence. If the price drops after you book, you get a refund. Check out the details for each of the Tour Operators offering this service here.

4. Free Stuff!

Not only are the prices great right now, but you get free stuff too! From free advance seat selection on your flights, to a complimentary room upgrade at your resort, booking early pays.

5. Get Your Pick Of Travel Dates and Flights

Avoid disappointment– get the exact dates, flights and departure times that you want. If a flight time and date is convenient and ideal for you, chances are other people are thinking the same thing and that flight is going to sell out. This is especially true over the Christmas holidays and March Break.

6. No Need To Compromise When It Comes To Resorts

If you have your heart set on a particular hotel– you know the one with the great sunsets, awesome kids club or perfect mojitos? It might sell out. That room that was big enough for whole family or had the adjoining room that made travelling with teenagers possible? It will be in high demand. Don’t settle for your second or third choice. Book early.

7. Keep Every Member Of Your Family Happy

The best family-friendly resorts– the ones with the best facilities and amenities for kids, character breakfasts, kid-friendly menus, and awesome entertainment and kids clubs, as well as larger guest rooms– tend to book up early, especially around March Break. Additionally, if you want to be sure your family can sit together on the plane, it’s always best to book and reserve your seats early.

8. Organizing A Large Group Is Easier

Booking travel for a large group– whether a bunch of friends, destination wedding or family reunion can sometimes feel like herding kittens. Having the luxury of time to sort things out is key! Things like ensuring there are enough seats for your party on a flight, coordination across multiple departure cities, getting a block of rooms near each other at the resort, or coordinating a group activity in destination.

9. If You Book It, You Will Go

If you book a winter vacation now, you will go on that winter vacation. It will be something to look forward to when the days start getting shorter and darker. It will motivate you to go to the gym and get you through every cold Monday morning until you go away.

10. Bragging Rights And Less Stress!

When winter does arrive and your friends and family are scrambling to get away for a little sunny relief… and paying higher prices, compromising on their vacation choices, and not getting any deals or freebies in the process… you can sit back, smile and pack your bags with the satisfaction of knowing just how smart you are.

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