Top 5 Attractions in Jamaica

Dunns River Falls

Some people choose to vacation in Jamaica just so they can sit on one of the stunning beaches with a cold drink and work on their tan. Others prefer to go out and explore their new surroundings, soaking up the laidback culture while they soak up the sun. If you fit into the latter category, options to make your own adventure exist all throughout Jamaica. We’ve asked our pros to recommend the attractions they liked the best when visiting Jamaica, and put together a list of the top 5:

1. Dunn’s River Falls


A good mix of natural beauty to take in with a little bit of adventure and hiking if you so desire, Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios is a must-see for visitors to the north coast of Jamaica. The gentle flowing waterfall set amongst lush vegetation is easy enough for visitors young and old to climb with the help of guides. If the beautiful falls look at all familiar, you may have seen them in movies or television shows such as the James Bond film Dr. No (1962) or America’s Next Top Model, but you won’t regret experiencing it in real life!

2. Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Bracelet

If you find yourself on the southeastern shores of Jamaica, venture into the city of Kingston and pay a visit to the Bob Marley Museum. The museum is located in the modest home purchased by Marley in 1975, and was turned into a museum devoted to the reggae star several years after his 1981 death. Guided tours are available and go into great detail about the life of “Brother Bob”, as he’s affectionately known. Another option to pay your respects to Jamaica’s most influential musician is at the Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile, both the birthplace and the final resting place of the famed reggae singer.

3. Mystic Mountain

mystic mountain slide

Picture yourself soaring through the tropical rainforest and down the side of a mountain in a bobsled. Yes, you read that correctly! Mystic Mountain is a great family-friendly excursion for thrillseekers staying near Ocho Rios. Fly down a mountainside track in a bobsled just like the infamous Jamaican bobsledders (but warmer, of course). It’s like a rollercoaster, but with better views! Ziplining through the canopy is also a must, as is the chair lift high above the jungle, offering incredible views of the Caribbean Sea below.

4. Luminous Lagoon


Taking a dip in the ocean during night time might be a little spooky, but when the water glows an eerie blue, you might find the courage to dive in! The Luminous Lagoon can be found in a small bay outside of Montego Bay. Travel to the area after the sun goes down to see the water naturally light up in fluorescent blue. We won’t get too deep into the scientific explanation, but this moonlight attraction is caused by microscopic light-emitting organisms. Whatever the reasoning, it’s a very unique and unforgettable natural wonder that shouldn’t be missed!

5. Seven Mile Beach, Negril

seven mile beach

Sometimes natural beauty trumps all, and if you’re the beach-dwelling type, consider a resort on Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Situated on the Western tip of the country, Negril is a small town with a relaxed vibe. The beach itself is enough to draw visitors to the area, where luxury resorts have begun to pop up in recent years. Spanning 7 miles (11 kilometres), the white sand beach is great for strolling along and the small town will satisfy the shoppers in your group. Adventurers take note of the area around Rick’s Cafe in Negril, where folks can go to jump off the cliffs into the warm turquoise waters. Perhaps the biggest draw of Negril is the breathtaking sunsets unlike any you’ve seen before!

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