Top 5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

destination weddings - bride and groom

Love is in the air around the holidays, and that’s certainly confirmed by how many couples get engaged over the season. Your wedding is supposed to be the most exciting and special day of your life, but sometimes it’s the most stressful too. If your looking to avoid that stress (and to travel more), consider having a destination wedding! There are so many reasons why destination weddings are a great low-stress alternative to traditional weddings, but we’ve narrowed down our top five.

1. Cost

Wedding Cost

Sure, it’s your special day and you’ll want to splurge for the best. But when it comes to destination weddings, the cost can be a fraction of the bill you’d get at home, without compromising any quality. The average cost of a wedding in Canada is $31,685 according to a 2014 CBC article. At the other end of the spectrum, destination weddings can cost less than $5,000. On top of that, there are often special rates for groups and bonuses for the wedding couple, plus our Group Travel Experts can always find great options for any budget.

2. Convenience


For a wedding to run smoothly, there are so many independent factors for the bride and groom to coordinate, especially on the day of the wedding. Did you tell the photographer to meet you at 2 or 3? Where did you put that cheque for the limo driver? How will your great-grandmother get from the ceremony to the reception? You can forget all that added stress when you choose a destination wedding. Many resorts offer the services of a wedding coordinator whose job is to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.

3. Location, Location, Location!

wedding chapel on beach

Upgrade your scenery by swapping Toronto for Mexico, or the Rocky Mountains in B.C. for the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. In Canada, if you want your wedding to take place in the warmer months, you’ll have to book well in advance and hope for good weather. In Mexico and the Caribbean you can choose virtually any time of year and still get 30 degrees and sunshine! Aside from the weather, what could be more romantic than exchanging vows on a sandy beach by the crystal blue sea?

4. Simplicity


Sometimes in life, simple is best. Destination weddings tend to be a smaller affair compared to their traditional counterparts. With a more intimate guest list you’ll actually have time to greet each loved one and spend quality time with them. You’ll avoid last minute no-shows, or that one friend who brings a plus one as a surprise! Your guests arrange their own travel and can stay for as many days as they want.

5. The Honeymoon Has Begun!

honeymoon resort sunset

You could spend $30,000 on a wedding and another $5,000 on a honeymoon, or you could just spend the $5,000 and get both in one! Planning your honeymoon can add even more stress to wedding planning – will you jet off the next day, do you have enough vacation days, etc? With destination weddings, the honeymoon starts the minute the wedding ends. Plan to have your wedding date in the first few days of your vacation, and the rest can be spent relaxing by the beach and enjoying your first vacation as a married couple!

Have we piqued your interest in a destination wedding?

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