Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica Food, beach and waterfalls

Ask someone who has been to Jamaica what they liked best and you’ll get all types of answers. Whether you’ve experienced it yourself or not, you’ve probably heard secondhand about the experiences from friends who have been captivated by the unique country. What is it that Jamaica offers above all the other options in Caribbean? Our Travel Experts have travelled extensively through the Caribbean so naturally we asked them why they would recommend this beautiful island with the world-famous vibe. Here’s our top 5 reasons to visit Jamaica!

1. Food

jerk Chicken

There’s only one place in the world you can get authentic jerk chicken, and that’s Jamaica. The island may be tiny but the flavours sure are bold! Jamaica’s flavours come from a fusion of African, Indian, and British influences, but certainly stand out as unique in both the Caribbean and beyond. Jerk seasoning, a fiery and flavourful dry rub, shines as a favourite when used on chicken or pork. Other must-try dishes include ackee and saltfish (the national fruit of Jamaica cooked with cod), curry goat, Jamaican patties, rice and peas, and fried plantains – a long list of flavourful and hearty meals you’ll be craving upon your return!

2. Adventure


If your preferred pace includes drinks on the beach and lounging by the pool, you can have that in Jamaica. However, there’s no shortage of adventure and activities to keep adrenaline seekers happy, thanks to the Blue Mountains and the sparkling Caribbean Sea! Water activities include river tubing, rafting and scuba diving, but they don’t end there. Adventure on land (or in the sky) with ziplining, ATVing, exploring grottos, golfing, and tons more.

3. Convenience


You won’t hear visitors complaining about a language barrier in Jamaica, since the official language is English. You might find it easier getting around the island when you don’t have to depend on a phrasebook or dictionary to communicate! Jamaica is also within the Eastern Standard time zone, which makes it easy for a large portion of Canadian travellers who will find themselves ready to hit the ground running. Lastly, daily non-stop flights to Montego Bay are available year round from Toronto, and other cities throughout Canada can escape to paradise via Toronto.

4. Natural Beauty


You can’t deny Jamaica is blessed with incredible beaches, marvelous scenery, lush jungles and not to mention fantastic weather. Year-round averages are in the mid to high 20s, making any time the best time to visit. The Blue Mountain range, which runs throughout the eastern part of the country, provides wonderful views, hiking opportunities, and even their own style of coffee bean. Other natural wonders include the bioluminescent Luminous Lagoon, an area where the water glows blue when the sun goes down, and some of the world’s finest sunsets in Negril.

5. Culture


Lastly, and most importantly in our opinion, is the culture and vibe you’ll experience. Time seems to slow down in Jamaica, the home of “all right”. Leave your worries at the door, or you may find they disappear somewhere along the way. Nowhere else in the Caribbean offers the same laidback feel and good vibes you’ll get on the island of Jamaica! Let the smiling faces and tropical music sooth your soul and offer an escape from your everyday life.

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